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Source: Using Smart Music in Choir


Overview of the entire activity: The lesson walks altos (assumed High School due to the literature) through how to practice their part using Smart Music. The song “All I Ask of You” from Phantom of the Opera. The teacher is walking her students through the process of how to use Smart Music and how-to best practice at home.


The target audience: High School Choir Altos


The technology(ies) that was (were) utilized: Smart Music and a Computer or Peripheral that supports the Smart Music app through a browser.


Cognitive process dimension according to Bloom’s Taxonomy: Students are involved in the following cognitive process:

  • Performing musical literature

  • Evaluating performance

  • Inspecting and analyzing the score for right or wrong notes

  • Applying corrections to wrong performances


Student-centered or teacher-centered learning:

            *The instructional video is teacher-centered. The practice is completed student-centered.*


Student-centered learning:

  • Once they can navigate the software, it is student-centered.

  • Software will analyze “correctness” of the performance.

  • Through teacher settings, students can retake tests until they reach their desired grade.


Opportunity to refine:

  • Student shared performances (I’d use Flip Grid)

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