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I have always had an interest in computers and technology. In 2002, I decided to diversify my educational portfolio and return to school to pursue a masters degree in multimedia. While at California University of Pennsylvania, I was introduced to new programs flooding the multimedia market, with special attention given to the Adobe Suite. In 2007, the yearbook position opened at the high school and I became the sponsor. In 2013, Elizabeth Forward became a 1:1 Initiative School for Apple. The district added a video and audio studio to our library (now named the Media Center) and I proposed a multimedia productions class that would teach students to use the Adobe Suite. As a member of the Adobe Education Exchange, I share lesson ideas with media teachers from around the globe. My current students create videos, audio pieces, modify photography (PhotoShop and Illustrator), and create basic animations. In addition to the Adobe Suite, I am also well-versed with the Apple iWorks Suite and have implemented the #EveryoneCanCreate initiative in my classes. All students who complete the multimedia course leave with a digital portfolio website they create and maintain. Most recently, my students have formed a multimedia solutions team that is managing a website for local commerce for the 16,000 residents of the school district. Visit the site here.



iBook Author

I served as the editor-in-chief to an iBook for my school district. The book was accepted by Apple and the high school is now an Apple School of Distinction. You can the book by clicking here to download it. 
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