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Source: Everyone Can Create: Drawing


Overview of the entire activity: This guide walks students (and teachers) through how to create drawings on the iPad. Through using the Tayasui Sketches app, students are guided through creating word art and “doodle” art. As the book progresses, students will be using Pages and Keynote to create more drawings and even begin with basic animation.


The target audience: Any student


The technology(ies) that was (were) utilized: iPads, stylus (Apple Pencil preferred)

Cognitive process dimension according to Bloom’s Taxonomy: Students are involved in the following cognitive process:

  • Create a Drawing

  • Analyze items to draw by shapes

  • Create 3D drawings

  • Analyze items for perspective


Student-centered or teacher-centered learning:


Student-centered learning:

  • Students are drawing (and analyzing) the world around them.


Opportunity to refine:

  • Showcase drawing on Pages or Keynotes

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