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Source: The Spooky Soundscape


Overview of the entire activity: Through using GarageBand, students will create a “Spooky Soundscape” that tells a story without using words. They will explore the various available instruments available through GarageBand on their iPads.


The target audience: Any student


The technology(ies) that was (were) utilized: iPads and headphones


Cognitive process dimension according to Bloom’s Taxonomy: Students are involved in the following cognitive process:

  • Write a script for a story without words.

  • Perform story for class


Student-centered or teacher-centered learning:


Student-centered learning:

  • Performing the assignment and posting

  • Sharing performances


Opportunity to refine:

  • Record the story and place it on a student YouTube channel

  • Create graphics using an Pages to accompany the sound

  • Make a short video using Clips that uses the soundscape as the music track.

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