• Angie Milliren

The Role of Women as Portrayed by the Media

While there are days I feel like this:

There are definitely days I still feel like this:

The question I have is...has the portrayal of women in media truly captured the essence of being a woman? I plan to explore the how "the ideal woman" was a creation of the media moguls (and continues to be so to this day). Think about the last time you saw someone a Kardashian-esque lady at the Dollar General in Elizabeth. Still thinking? Are we setting unrealistic expectations for the 50% of society who are surrounded by media? What movies are showing real women? Has media fueled BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder)? What are the psychological impacts of trying to emulate a stereotypical woman as depicted in the movies? I have so many questions about how women might feel if they disengaged from main stream media and started to ignore the stereotypes. Stay tuned...

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