• Angie Milliren

June Cleaver

So, here is where you discover that I am old enough to be your mom AND that I grew up in a home with no cable until high school.

June Cleaver is the embodiment of TV in the late 1950's. She serves as a mirror for the expectations for a proper 1950's housewife. There are two sons whose worst behavior might be squabbling at the breakfast table. June portrays the perfect housewife.

For me, this is the industry dipping its toes into the pool of letting women find equality. Notice that June tells Beaver that women can be doctors...but then she points out that he will pass his intelligence exam because HIS DAD did well in school and HIS GRANDFATHER was a professor. She points to the patriarchy to justify his intelligence - all while dressed for her day job of housewife in her pearls and dress with her hair perfectly coiffed hair and makeup that looks freshly applied. I want to see June in her housecoat with rollers and reading a book while drinking coffee in a face mask....

Disclaimer: I think that being a housewife is a completely acceptable role for anyone - if that is the job they choose to pursue. I am not chastising June for her role as housewife. If she chose to be perfectly put together in a dress and pearls to run her home...fantastic...I am merely positing the conjecture that she could be that doctor and that media feared allowing women to hold "an alpha role" at this time in history.

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